Sabtu, Februari 18, 2012

Please eat a lot for today, Professor Shim!


Hello there, Professor Shim. How are you doing? I know, right now, you're performing at TONE Tour 2012 concert at Niigata. Please do enjoy today!

Twenty-five years old. Is quite a perfect number for me to get married :3, but in Professor Shim's culture, 25 years old, perhaps, considered as too early to get married. Well, Professor Shim, please get a girlfriend sooner! I know you need a girl to take a special care of you, hewhew.

Please be happy, please be happy, please be happy. I love you being witty and mean. That's so like me, lol. Even though you're my favorite member of Dong Bang Shin Ki and everyone think of you as 'oppa' but for me, I think you as my 'chingu'. (I never called the members as 'oppa', for me that's special name deserved to be said for my future husband :3).

Friend, lets be strong and get more mature even though there are lots of hard things awaits ahead. We'll work harder and do our best together!

Happy Birthday, Shim Changmin.

P/s: This is the best hair cut of him through out 8 years of TVXQ. Just my opinion.

Jumaat, Januari 27, 2012

120124 Possibility for DBSK's reunion through Avex? My thought on this.

Salaam and salute to all readers.

Recent news on the possibility of TVXQ‘s reunion is sending shockwaves throughout the industry.

On January 22nd, a Japanese article titled, “Will Avex act as the savior? TVXQ’s reunion project” surfaced. It reported of rumors of a reunion concert at Tokyo Dome orchestrated by Avex, who was previously accused of hindering JYJ‘s Japanese activities. In light of Avex’s recent under-performing releases, it is said that they are willing to go head with this project and stop hindering JYJ’s Japanese activities. Japanese superstar Ayumi Hamasaki is rumored to be negotiating on behalf of both sides.
While the news of a possible reunion is being met with enthusiasm by fans all over the world, many are skeptical of the chances of such a reunion actually occurring. The fact that this reunion is being orchestrated by Avex instead of SM Entertainment is also a cause of skepticism.

The article goes on to state, “While the reunion of TVXQ is something that many fans are waiting, the small possibility of this actually happening is an indicator of Avex’s desperation,” hinting that Avex’s recent lack of success may be reason for pursuing such a unlikely project.

TVXQ fans responded to the news with, “While it would be great if reunion happens, it seems unlikely“, “They say Avex will lead the project but I can’t trust them“, and “I hope they stop writing these pointless reunion articles".

Source & Image: Newsen via Nate
Credits: Allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights

Please take this news with a grain of salt. Nothing is set on stone. Currently, considered a rumor.

Firsty, this news is totally rumor. Nothing solid came out from this story. Yeah, everybody knows that this was came from Japanese tabloid newspaper. Does it make sense to you for sending Ayumi Hamasaki to do the negotiation for JaeChunSu and Homin for reunion? The company which owns Dong Bang Shin Ki is SM Entertainment and why Avex came as the saviour?

The most juicy part was regarding Avex is in bad financial condition. -.-

Secondly, when this news exploded on Allkpop, many fans argued (and still arguing) whether they should reunite or stay they way they are today.  Since I'm just a fan of DBSK and I'm not declaring myself a true Cassie (because I think Im lacking everywhere), I would like to voice out my opinion regarding DBSK's reunion (whether it will become true or not).

Who doesn't want them to be together? Okay, maybe there are some.
Initially, I keep hopes for them to be together. After I watched Yunho and Changmin perform Rising Sun first stage after their hiatus, I realized that, 'They are moving on'. Have you heard of this kind of phrase? 'If you live holding on to your past, you'll not moving on' and it was proved :) . If they kept holding to their past, Yunho and Changmin will not be able to stand on Nagoya stage today in TONE Tour 2012. The past is memories, whether it was bitter or sweet, it meant to be treasured and make you more tougher to face new challenge in your life.

TONE Tour 2012 in Yokohama

I know, 'W' by JYJ are meant  for those duo and it was written and composed back in 2010, (a very nice song, indeed). I see JYJ today is happy with their life and they are doing so well despite of appearance on TV blocking. They are still strong and struggling to move on too with new name.

They managed to perform in Billboard.

I couldn't force my hopes for someone who I like, don't you? They went through many difficulties for their fans and forcing or pushing on hopes on their shoulder is quite unfair. When they smile, you can smile. When they are happy, you are happy too. Isn't that true love? I wish what is the best for them and be strong.
Both of the team had struggle more than enough to raise up their name despite of the incident, and suddenly wanting for them to be together, leaving all the hard efforts and sweats they made just like that.

Note that, if SME win the case, then the contract will not be terminated and if JYJ win the case, no more DB5K.

Oh by the way, I spent my 4 months of break study the lawsuit and I'm getting clearer picture regarding this incident. If you're interested to know, please do visit True TVXQ . This site provide complete evidence for the things you looking for. There's another site which opposite of True TVXQ, JYJ Files . Both sites are bias sites for Homin and JYJ. I, personally, prefer True TVXQ one since the evidences that he brought is quite reliable.

That's all from me.
Thanks for reading.

Jumaat, Januari 13, 2012


Assalamualaikum and salute.

WOAH! Tengok entri terakhir aku bila.

Bulan March, yeah, 10 BULAN YANG LALU. Aku rasa baik aku terus tak tulis pape kasi genap 12 bulan.

Actually, sejak aku masuk pusat asasi nih, dengan internet yang laju macam tuuut, aku memang sudah malas nak mengupdate blog. Aku sedia faham dengan stail blogger tahun 2010-2011 nih. Blog stail kiut miut, blog kaki troll, blog traffic hunter, blog sebar propaganda dan sebagainya. Aku hanya menyenaraikan je ciri-ciri ni.

Thanks to Amirah, kawan ku yang akan ku kenang jasanya sampai ajalku tiba, dia sudi mengedit blog nih (aku sebelum ni edit-edit gak template tetapi 100% menemui kegagalan).

So yeah, tahun 2012, maybe akan aktif sebagai blogger. Ganbarimasu!

Jumaat, Mac 25, 2011

Karutan 1: Bila berubah.


Salam sejahtera dari negeri berdaerah sembilan.

Aku tak tahu nak cakap ape kat sini.

Cuma aku nak luahkan ayat ni aja.


Setelah aku dah jumpa cara nak main-main dengan HTML code, aku ubah sikit-sikit. Dan jadi cam nih, serba pink, serba cute, comel, sweet. Memang taste aku pun, tapi lama-lama tengok, cam jambu la. Aku ni ganas :P