Sabtu, Februari 18, 2012

Please eat a lot for today, Professor Shim!


Hello there, Professor Shim. How are you doing? I know, right now, you're performing at TONE Tour 2012 concert at Niigata. Please do enjoy today!

Twenty-five years old. Is quite a perfect number for me to get married :3, but in Professor Shim's culture, 25 years old, perhaps, considered as too early to get married. Well, Professor Shim, please get a girlfriend sooner! I know you need a girl to take a special care of you, hewhew.

Please be happy, please be happy, please be happy. I love you being witty and mean. That's so like me, lol. Even though you're my favorite member of Dong Bang Shin Ki and everyone think of you as 'oppa' but for me, I think you as my 'chingu'. (I never called the members as 'oppa', for me that's special name deserved to be said for my future husband :3).

Friend, lets be strong and get more mature even though there are lots of hard things awaits ahead. We'll work harder and do our best together!

Happy Birthday, Shim Changmin.

P/s: This is the best hair cut of him through out 8 years of TVXQ. Just my opinion.

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